Learning About XARELTO®


Beginning a new medication can feel like a big commitment. But with a few tips and ongoing support, it’s possible to start on the right track—for yourself and for those who care about you. First things first, be sure to fill your XARELTO® prescription if you haven’t yet. Keep reading to learn more about XARELTO®, how to take it, and what to do if you miss a dose.

What is XARELTO®?

XARELTO® belongs to a group of medicines called direct oral anticoagulants, or DOACs for short. Like other DOACs, XARELTO® has few drug interactions, no known dietary restrictions, and you don’t need to have frequent blood tests to see if XARELTO® is working.

How does XARELTO® work?

XARELTO® works by slowing down the blood’s clotting process. It does this by selectively targeting just one critical factor needed for blood to clot—Factor Xa. This means XARELTO® interacts with less of your body’s natural blood-clotting function than older medicines like warfarin.*

*Coumadin® and Jantoven® are brand names for warfarin.

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Treating DVT and PE with XARELTO®

During your treatment, XARELTO® helps keep DVT and PE blood clots from growing larger and helps prevent new ones. The dosing of XARELTO® is higher in the first 21 days to help protect you during the period when your risk for having another blood clot is the highest. After 21 days, you’ll switch to taking a lower dose of XARELTO®.

almost98%Did not have
another dvt or pe*

In clinical studies,

almost 98% of people taking XARELTO® did not have another DVT or PE.*

*Patients were followed for an average length of treatment of 208 days.

Remember, all blood thinners come with a risk of bleeding. Clinical studies with people taking XARELTO® to treat a DVT or PE showed that they had less major bleeding than those being treated with enoxaparin and warfarin*—1% with XARELTO® vs 1.7% with enoxaparin and warfarin.

*Coumadin® and Jantoven® are brand names for warfarin.